Asian Dance Team


The MIT Asian Dance Team (ADT) is a student organization focused on the many diverse forms of East Asian dance, from traditional Chinese, aboriginal folk, and contemporary lyrical to Korean hip-hop and Japanese idol dance.

Founded in Fall 2009 by Vivian Lee '12, ADT is made up of over 150 MIT undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to other MIT affiliates, who come from a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds. Though some members have had dance training, the majority of us joined with little to no past dance experience, solely with the desire to learn about East Asian dance.

Showcases & Performances

MIT ADT hosts two showcases per year, one at the end of each semester. Both the fall and spring showcases are open to MIT and Greater Boston communities, as well as to the general public. Our showcases feature pieces by ADT as well as guest appearances by other MIT student groups (i.e. Syncopasian, Lion Dance), artistic groups from around Boston (i.e. Dance Revelasian), and similar collegiate dance groups from Harvard, Boston University, and Wellesley.

In addition to our semesterly showcases, members also perform at many on- and off-campus events, such as fundraisers and Chinese New Year celebrations. To learn more about these performances, please visit our Performances pages.

Being on the Team

Each semester, members attend rehearsals for pieces in preparation for the end-of-term showcase. Members are given the freedom to choose how many pieces, as well as which pieces, to be part of, and attend weekly practices for each of their dances. While many of our pieces are adapted from award-winning pieces in China's dance competitions or choreography from renowned Asian hip-hop groups, many others are composed of original choreography by our own members.

We also host several social events throughout the semester. Though we are focused primarily on East Asian dance, ADT is also a great way to get to know other people and have some fun!


Fall 2016 Auditions have passed. If you're interested in joining in a later term, please email to be put on our interest list!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, send an email to

Q: How many people do you accept? What if I have no dance experience?
Anyone* who auditions for ADT will automatically be accepted regardless of experience, race, age, or gender. We believe in giving equal opportunity to experience the amazing culture of East Asian dance. Auditions are for the reference of the choreographers so that we may place you into the appropriate dances that fit your skill level, and you'll have the opportunity to select dances you're interested in.

*Due to liability issues, however, we are only able to accept undergraduate and graduate students.

Q: What should I expect at auditions?
During auditions, the choreographers will teach two dances, one traditional and one hip-hop, from the semester's setlist and teach a sequence from each of them. Afterwards, auditionees will be asked to perform the sequence in groups. After you audition, the choreographers will show you the rest of the pieces we're learning this semester and you'll get to choose which ones you prefer and want to do.

Q: What should I bring to audition?
Please wear comfortable clothing that is not too baggy, in addition to either ballet shoes or socks. Going barefoot is fine but not advised. Other than that, you should not need to bring anything else.

Q: Will everyone get the dances they want?
Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of some of the dances and rehearsal scheduling, not everyone will be able to get the dance(s) they put down on their preference form at the audition session. However, the exec and choreographers are willing to devote as much time as possible to making sure everyone gets into at least one of the dances they put down on their form.

Q: What if I can't make auditions?
Send an email to before the date of auditions and describe the reason for your absence. The exec board will try to schedule a make-up if possible, but this is not guaranteed. Please try to make the auditions date if at all possible. Thanks!

Team Members

Photo Credit: Landon Carter

Traditionally, every Saturday after the week of showcase, ADT goes out to Boston's Chinatown for a final gathering before the semester ends (and before finals week)! Usually we get hot pot and then boba. :)

(Many members not pictured)

Choreographers: Shruthi Narayanan '16, Anita Liu '17, Tracy Cheng '17, Weilian Chu '17, Lisa Ruan '18, Nan Li G, Alina Rwei G, Xinyi Lucy Chen '19, Michelle Huang '19, Daphne Lin '19, Kunyi Li '19, Audrey Li '19, Danny Tang '18, Upa Adhikari '19, Dian Mattingly '18

ADT Executive Board

Fall 2017

Past Showcases

Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Fall 2014
Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Resonant Blue
Fall 2010
Phoenix Rising
Spring 2010

External Performances*

  • MIT CSC Lunar New Year Banquet
  • MIT Asian American Association Grains of Rice
  • MIT SAO Office Multicultural Holiday Feast
  • MIT Family Weekend Fair
  • McCormick Anniversary Event
  • SEALnet Performance
  • MIT Mid-Autumn Gala
  • Ashdown Mid-Autumn Event
  • MIT Sidney-Pacific Orientation Dance Party
  • GSC Orientation International Mentorship Mixer
  • MIT Sidney-Pacific Cultural Festival
  • Epec Engineering Technologies Retirement Party
  • MIT ISA iFair
  • AXO LipSync
  • MIT China Care
  • MIT Relay for Life
  • Boston University Lunar New Year Festival
  • Babson College CSA Chinese New Year Festival
  • MIT ATS Lunar New Year Festival
  • Boston Globe Travel Show
  • Boston University China Care Hope Show
  • Brandeis University Lunar New Year Festival
  • MIT Nightmarket
  • MIT CSSA Mid-Autumn Chinese Alumni Reunion
  • MIT Ballroom Dance Team Showcase
  • MIT Activities Midway (2012 - present)
  • MIT New England Aquarium Orientation Event
  • Harvard Korea Society Korean Culture Festival
  • Tufts Vietnamese Student Club Culture Show

*Only performances after August 2012 are listed.

Interested in having MIT ADT perform at your event? Contact us at for details!